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DIY Healthy Halloween Candy

Updated: May 19, 2019

Happy Halloween Weekend! It has been so fun seeing my friends and their little ones dressed up for Halloween, and it made me really think about how all of the stores (and our counters/pantries) are full of candy right now!

The biggest difference between making your own candy, and the packaged stuff in the stores is A – you control the ingredients, B – you know exactly what is in the candy (and what ISN’T!) and C – the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself will make it taste that much better.

I have been busy this weekend making a few treats for us to have around, I started with pumpkin brownies last night, complete with chocolate coconut cream frosting. Then today I was wanting something easy and small after lunch, so I made up these little dark chocolate walnut bars in an ice cube tray! (recipe below). Halloween doesn’t have to sabotage your progress, and it can be a really fun time to experiment and try out some different recipes that you might even use for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

I have rounded up some of my favorite candy recipes for you to try during this Halloween candy craze season! Let me know if you try any of them what you think!

Dark Chocolate Walnut Bars – Tory’s Stories

These are super easy to make and just take a few minutes and will really hit the spot to satisfy your sweet tooth (and keep you out of the kid’s hard-earned treats) All you need is an ice cube tray, a handful of crushed walnuts and melted dark chocolate! Melt the chocolate and fill your ice cube tray about halfway with the melted chocolate, add a layer of crushed walnuts, then another layer of chocolate, top with another layer of walnuts. Put in the refrigerator to harden and you are ready to enjoy! My favorite chocolate to use for these is Lindt 85% dark it melts perfectly!

2. No Bake Coconut Mounds Bars – Chocolate Covered Katie

Another recipe that no baking is required and you will have your treats ready in a few minutes! I absolutely love Mounds and Almond Joy bars, and these are so easy to make, plus if you use dark chocolate they are dairy free and no ingredients we cannot pronounce in sight! Add some almonds and make these almond joy bars! Find the recipe here.

3. Mini Peanut Butter Cups – Cookie and Kate

These super easy 4 ingredient peanut butter cups are sure to impress this fall. Although I personally am allergic to peanuts, I know so many Reese’s lovers who will love this recipe. Allergic to peanuts like me? No problem! I recommend using almond butter or nut-free tahini as a substitute! Find your Resee’s alternative here.

4. Gummy Bears – My Kitchen Love

Looking for a non-chocolate treat? These Gummy Bears do not have any added sugar in them and bonus – there is a wine version as well. Check out healthy gummy bears here.

5.Chocolate Covered Almonds – Food52

Almond M&M’s have always been a weakness of mine…but making your own chocolate covered almonds is so easy, and if you package them nicely can make a really cute gift idea as well! Find these yummy almonds here.

6. Homemade Tootsie Rolls – The Praire Homestead

When we were talking about our favorite Halloween candies, my husband Matt said that other than Reece’s, he loves tootsie rolls! I was so surprised when reading this recipe how few ingredients are in them, especially compared to the back of a tootsie roll bag! If you are looking for a healthier tootsie roll like we were, check them out here.

Enjoy your candy making out there!

Until next time,


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