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10 Best Athleisure Wear Finds For Women This Fall

The days are getting a little shorter, the nights are getting a little colder, and we are full swing into pumpkin everything season. These facts can only mean one thing – fall is officially here! As I sort through my workout gear, my capris and tank tops slowly make their way to the bottom of the drawer, while pull overs, long insulated pants and all my favourite jackets make their way to the top.

In the true spirit of fall, it is time to talk about fashion! Who doesn’t love fall fashion? I remember how happy going into the store and seeing the giant thick September issues of all of the fashion magazines and seeing what the new trends were going to be for the season.

In honour of the fall fashion season, I have compiled the very best fall athleisure wear finds with varying price points, I am sure you will find a new item you love that is sure to up your gym wardrobe game this season!

1. First up is from one of my absolute favourite athletic wear brands Lucy. The quality is excellent and holds up wash after wash. My go to jacket is one I have had for 4 years from Lucy and it still looks new! Talk about quality for your money! This fun half zip pullover comes in 3 colours and has a mesh back that will set your style apart at the gym and after your workout.

2. Second on the list is this gorgeous bamboo print outfit by Sweaty Betty. I learned about Sweaty Betty when I went to visit London for a conference. It has become one of my favourites since moving over here. The prints are so beautiful and the material is made in such a way that when you are bending and moving, it won’t change colours or look stretched out. This outfit has a beautiful low cut in the back, and is quarter sleeved which is something a little different than the typical crop top and leggings that you see out there, and for that reason it makes this fall list.

3. Outdoor Voices, which launched in 2014 has an excellent collection featuring outdoor athletic clothing. A fun feature of their website is you can enter in what activity you are looking for clothing for and from hiking to dog walking or from camping to dance they have a solution. These sporty track pants offer a change up to typical gym leggings and would be perfect for weekend outdoor activities.

4. Next up is an amazing must have by Uniqlo. Especially in the fall, the weather can be sunny one minute, and then suddenly the wind picks up and your caught out in the rain! This pocketable jacket is the solution, and the fun colours are a bonus!

5. Under Armour has been in the active wear game for a long time, but has really diversified their performance line over the years. I personally love their headbands, they stay on your head during your workout! Last fall I made the mistake of doing planks on astroturf, and my insanely sensitive skin couldn’t handle it, I ended up with massive turf burn and needed a long sleeve shirt that was comfortable to work out in, but also would cover these battle wounds for a few weeks. Under Armour came through with a great selection of long sleeve breathable shirts like this one that is a nice flowy cut and has a fun cutout in the back so you can still sneak a view of that perfectly colorful sports bra underneath.

6. Zella workout gear now dominates the athleisure department at Nordstrom. The fall collection includes some fun leggings that look like motorcycle pants even! They also have a good selection of plus size leggings on their website. This outfit I paired together has a new fun crop style hoodie with the classic high waisted leggings Zella is known for. This outfit will keep you warm and will look oh so cute in and out of the studio.

7. My legging wardrobe includes two types of leggings, either A – all black, or B – crazy colorful, there is no in between for me! While I was browsing the new fall fashions that Lucy put out this season, I found these to be very unique. The zipper on the front is something that I have not seen before, and as we know ripped jeans have been popular for a while and slowly but surely we are seeing more and more exposed knee leggings. This pair certainly is not your typical pair of black leggings and can be veritable as pants, which we all know is the ultimate goal to wear leggings that can be accepted as real pants.

8. Victoria’s Secret started their line of sport apparel a few years ago now, and now it has gotten bigger and better than ever before! The leggings are a great length (tall girls I am looking at you) I love that they actually are full length and I have some extra room at the bottom! I love the thick material of the pants I have from Victoria Sport, and often times you can find a deal going on that you get half off a workout bra as well. Also 1 word POCKETS!!! This seems to be the trend this fall, and I am so on board! It is no surprise here that one of my favourite supportive workout bras is the Knockout bra by Victoria Sport. You can pair your warm leggings and excellent sports bra with this warm hoodie (side note loving the cut of this hoodie!) and you are ready to take on the fall weather!

9. No athleisure wear list could be complete without a little Lululemon thrown into the mix right? This Canada based company never fails to deliver on options for cold / wet weather. This new long rain jacket is great to keep you dry this fall. The current legging options feature some gorgeous jewel tones that will pair well with their new long sleeve logo tee.

10. In true fall fashion, I am ending things with one of the hottest colour trends of the fall. Dark green has made its way from the runway into workout gear! I love the idea of this mesh top with the pop of colour beneath and matching pants. Lorna Jane has some excellent new fall leggings including thermal and reversible ones!

Do you have a favourite athleisure wear brand? I hope you found something new to wear this season and if you have any photos in your favourite fall finds be sure to use the hashtag #torysstories on Instagram to share them with me! Happy fall shopping :).

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